Financial Literacy

Ask yourself……?

Did you remember to file the FAFSA this year?

Do you know the GPA and credit hour requirements to remain eligible for financial aid?

Are you practicing responsible borrowing and not taking out too much excess loan money?

Have you checked your bill to make sure your financial aid has been applied?

Is your scholarship renewable next year?

Knowing the answers to these and other important financial questions can help make the process of financing your education simpler for students and their families. Financial literacy— having a thorough understanding of the financial aspects of attending college— is crucial to having a successful college career, and one that is not weighed down by financial stresses.

It is important to seek the information and answers you need, and your Office of Student Financial Assistance is the perfect place to start.

Use our informational financial planning brochure to help guide you through this important process. Included are tuition charts, tips for budgeting, saving, spending and responsible borrowing, funding sources, and more.

Financial Planning Brochure

Also visit the NKU Student Achievement Programs and Services’ web site for important information about their Financial Fitness initiatives at NKU.